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Food Recall Research

In 2012, there were over 1,200 food recalls in the U.S. (FDA); however, the average American is aware of only 2-5 recalls a year (Peake, et al., 2014). Foodborne illnesses annually cost the US economy over $150 billion (Rasmas, 2010). But despite calls for change to the way the US communicate food recalls in 2004, 2009, and 2011, the only meaningful change in the communication to the public was the redesign of search results on the website of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) .

This research looks at public perception, awareness, and behavior regarding food recalls. Research has included two public surveys and a series of participatory product design workshops. Research has investigated, public awareness of recalls, behavior during and after recalls, the impact of product branding, public trust of recall information, current public access to recall information, and desired methods for future recall communications.

The research has resulted in three peer-reviewed journal articles, six invited presentations, has been sited 10+ times, and funding to attend the GS1 annual conference.

Whitney Peake, Western Kentucky University

Jeff Joiner, Virginia Tech University

Joshua Detre, Lousiana State University

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One bad apple spoils the bunch? An exploration of broad consumption changes in response to food recalls

Whitney O. Peake, Joshua D. Detre, Clinton C. Carlson

Food Policy, 2014

Rethinking Food Recall Communications for Consumers

Clinton C. Carlson, Whitney O. Peake

Iridescent, 2012

Letting Context Speak: The Use of Co-Creative, Design-Led, and User-Centered Design Methods in the Design of Complex Public Communications

Clinton C. Carlson, Whitney O. Peake, and Jeff Joiner

Communication Design Quarterly, 2014

Participatory Product Workshops
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